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Released by Mick Waters, Little House Productions 2009


‘Little Black Wheels’ is the eagerly awaited follow up to the much loved surf film, ‘Believe’.


In May 2007, Mick, his pregnant wife, two-year-old daughter and dog embarked on a five-month road trip across Australia. Travelling this way isn’t a particularly new concept; surfers have been doing it for years. The bread and butter road trip. No boat charters, internet swell predictions or expensive budgets. Just a car, some boards and a plan.


Starring Dain Thomas, Mick Hughes, Johnny Abegg, Antoine Cardonnet, Nick Chalmers, Rasta, Beau Young, Jimmy McMillan, Brett Schwartz, Ry Craike, Mark Healey, Dave Macaulay and Family, Kristian Spencer, Danny Wills and a host of other underground surfers.


Music by Dane Tucquet, Live @ themuseagency, Beau Young, The Orange Bird and Seth Pettersen and the Undertow.


Find out the stories of these surfers, their lives, why they travel and surf.



SKU: 364215375135191
  • 57 minutes, NTSC, 4:3, DOLBY

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