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Relesed by Mick Waters, Little House Productions 2020

Duration - 62 minutes

Mick’s movie is titled after the Dr.Suess quote, “Adults are just outdated children”.

A Wayne Lynch voiceover opens the film. The secret to getting older, says Wayne who cops to being very old these days, is keeping that childlike appreciation of the world without becoming childish in the way you do it.


Three years ago Mick packed his family up into a caravan and took off around the southern coasts of Australia. The movie, in essence, is a string of short vignettes about the menagerie of characters he meets along the way. When you drive along the bottom of the Australian coast you’re going to meet some interesting cats.


The featured surfers include Wayne Lynch, Glen Casey, DustinHollick, Marti Paradisis, Sandy Ryan, Mick Fanning, Jeff ‘Camel’ Goulden, Heath Joske, Paul Joske and Addy Jones plus others.


There’s also a lot of introspection going on, but that’s the nature of these coastlines. There’s a lot of space and a lot of weather and a lot of thinking time down there, and Mick’s left plenty of that thinking time in the edit for the audience. For the most part a surfing life along these southern-facing coasts is hard and sparse and the movie is a study on making a surfing life down there. That’s what Mick himself did. While on the road he stumbled on a piece of land in Tasmania’s deep south, and with the help of mates built a little family cabin, a fitting end note to Mick’s humble frontier surf film. – Sean Doherty


SKU: 364115376135191
  • 62 minutes, PAL (Region Free), 16:9, DOLBY

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